Dharma Advise

Work with energies of Universe

Holistic Logo Design

Logo is a symbol, an idea and a 3D representation. Symbol works because your mind can only understand symbolic language. I use Vedic astrology and knowledge of symbols to design a logo which would help you influence the crowd, to build trust and thrive in business.

10-page, numerology blueprint

 to show how you are uniquely designed to work with universal flow, your lucky numbers, colours, name correction and lucky mobile number combinations. It’s beautifully designed and made especially for you.

 Wristwatch Analysis and Therapy

 Using Wristwatched and Clocks ad Yantra for faster manifestation. The science of wrist watch analysis is vast, one can pay attention to certain features of the opposite person’s wrist watch to infer certain personality traits about them, without them realising.

Mobile Number Numerology

We do not realize that we are surrounded by numbers in our daily life – our potential and fate closely intertwined with these numbers.
The electronic device that we use most frequently daily and which most people cannot do without, our mobile phones, plays an integral role in defining our achievements in life. It is not so much the phone model that determines our level of success, but the accompanying phone number that comes with it.
Mobile number numerology report includes, analysis of your current mobile number and recommendations for number change for desired results.

Handwriting & Signature Analysis

Handwriting is an imprint of self on page. I apply the science of graphology to know your unique, strengths, weaknesses, innermost fears. The handwriting analysis can help in understanding and removing the mental blocks to achieve greater personal and professional success and self-growth. With this knowledge about various aspects of personality it becomes easier to keep and maintain healthier relationships.

Drawing Analysis

Drawing analysis involves using the concept of symbols to read, then command and train your subconscious. Symbols work because your mind can only understand symbolic language.

One-on-One Consultation

A 45 minute consultation session with me over Zoom – to discuss your unique situation. We can discuss, your existing logo, business card, handwriting, signature or mobile or account number.